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Duncan Blessing Solutions

Duncan Blessing Solutions is a software development company founded in 2015. We are a software development company. We pride ourselves with specialised tailored services to our clients. The company offers Data Science, Software Development, Bot Application Development, Gamification, Graphic design, Branding, Conceptualisation, Animation, Wireframe The company is an innovation house utilizing the latest technologies to improve business processes.

Our Vision is to create cost effective software, and provide a clear and easy transitions for companies to move from older systems to newer technologies, to drive competitive advantage.

With the usage of newer technologies and continuous research and development, we are providing world class systems and improved business models within and outside the African continent. We don’t strive to be the best, but we strive to be the best partner in business.

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Web and Software Development

Bot Application, Gamification, SharePoint, WordPress CRM, Web API, Facebook Apps, Windows Applications, Mobile Apps

UI/UX and graphic design

Company Logo, business card, logo animation, Software User Interface, Software Wire framing. branding concepts.

Computer Security

Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Security, Privacy in Computing , Modeling Cybersecurity, Administering Security, Security in Networks, Program Security, Designing Trusted Operating Systems, Database and Data Mining Security

Database Management Systems

Database Design, Managing the Database System, Data Modeling, Database Recovery Management, Database Statistics, DBMS Performance Tuning, Distributed Database Design, Data Warehouse, Big Data Analytics, Database Internet Connectivity, Cloud Computing Services, Developing a Data Administration Strategy